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Solutions to Finish Your Homework Fast

Do you have a difficult homework that must be solved as soon as possible? Doing homework is your own responsibility as a student. You can’t ignore doing your homework although the teachers give you difficult homework. However, you sometimes have tight schedules after you go back from school like joining extracurricular activities or taking courses. It means you can’t finish doing your homework well with little time. Well, you don’t need to worry about it because you can try to follow the solutions below. Continue reading

Got Homework? Let discuss it together

For most student (me too), homework is nothing but a liability. I know the teacher will say that homework is important to help us to review the subject we learned at school. The problem is sometimes the teachers obsess with homework. They give us either homework with bunch of questions (probably they think by doing ‘too many exercise’ the student will learn) or few questions with high level of difficulties. That’s why most students (including me of course) hate homework. Continue reading

Tips on Understanding Subjects Well

study challengeThere is always a way if there is a will. Sometimes people have problem, but if they try to solve the problem, they will overcome it. There is also a problem for students if they have home, so there will be a solution to that questions. If students get stuck in understanding certain subject, they can find another text book that can be understood easier. Or, they can ask help from their parents or siblings or seniors. Continue reading