How Do I Get a Good Grade at School?

Getting a good grade at school is something that I really concern about, at least for this moment because last year when I was in junior year, I realized that in order to get college scholarship I have to have good grade, even excellent one I think. Therefore I study so hard. I think it is not that difficult to get a good grade. It’s not like what other student imagine. I never study until morning for the exam or for mock exam. What I do is just regular study every day. Here is how I do it:

Learn as much as possible at class

Most students don’t want to listen to their teacher. They think they can learn everything at home. Well, I don’t think so because it is going to take longer time to get the basic concept of a subject if you learn it by yourself. Why don’t you learn from the one who know it very well. Let me give you an example, if you want to learn ‘how to swim’ which one easier follow your swim coach instruction or reading the swimming theory from a book? I’m sure you know the answer.

Work on Your Homework

Homework is the best way to practice. If you listen to your teacher, I’m sure you can do most of your homework. But if you can’t solve some of it, you can ask for help. Ask your friends or your teacher if they available. I’m sure your teacher is willing to help you. But if they are busy, you can hire private tutors from

That’s my success formula to get a good grade at school. If you follow my success formula, I’m sure you can get a good grade too.

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