Communication is a need in human’s life. Communication can be done directly or indirectly. There are many kinds of communication beside directly communication such as chatting, they can send letters, phone, send emails, etc. We need to communicate with other people although we’re not in the same location as they’re.

How the communication between people in distance could happen? At first time people used telephone, they have to use wire to connect the telephone. In this case if the wire is broken, they can connect each other. Wire is important to connect people who use telephone at that time.

Today people can communicate without wireless. There is WAVE2M that offers Wireless standard in the M2M industry. It is really a better way to communicate by wireless communication. The WAVE2M standard is a wireless technology platform for use in the smart metering industry for gas and water.

Today we can see many people using their mobile phones everywhere. They always bring their mobile phone with them. They can do communication without wire. It is very practical, isn’t it? People can also do communication from places even they are not connected with any wire.

Thus, the need in communication today is really good. People can do it whenever and wherever they are. In fact if you use mobile phone, you also use wireless communication, too.

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