Brandeis University: Compatibility with Personality Types and Preferences Part (6)

Brandeis UniversityESFJ definitely is a supporter of community such as high school traditions, local celebrations and educational programs for senior citizens. The major in Health: Science, Society and Policy is an extensive study of the health field across society, from the individual through to global health. ESFJs are quite comfortable with the field of health.

They want to support others and reduce the negative effects of disease and environmental stress.  At the same time, this type is a supportive member of organizations and excels at delivering services within large bureaucracies. Brandeis has a hands on component in the internships of this major that really appeals to ESFJs.

This field experience requirement immediately interfaces the undergraduate student with patients needing health related services.  ESTJ likes the idea of a solid, no frills undergraduate degree. ESTJs interested in science will be attracted to the degree in Chemistry since it is well received and appreciated in the job market.


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