Brandeis University: Compatibility with Personality Types and Preferences Part (3)

Brandeis UniversityINFP could elect to declare the Studio Art major at Brandeis University. Their personal vision is drawn out through the encouragement and sensitivity of this department. There is an underlying theme that requires students to look at art as an expression of the individual message. Theory and current day issues are subjects of focus in the intermediate courses. INFPs excel at relating their personal beliefs through their creative work. At Brandeis University, both the beliefs and the creativity are expected and nicely combine in this major.

ISTP likes to be efficient with the resources at the disposal of a student team or class project. The major in Computer Science at Brandeis University requires coordination and efficiency. How else would you explain a class in Machine Learning? This techno type is definitely going to sign up for this class.

ISTPs enjoy team work and controlling chaos when their trouble shooting can save the day. The degree in computing here has wide options for focus and ISTP loves the spontaneous nature within this department.


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